All people involved in this event is collaborating without remuneration.


All Prizes are clarinet materials donated by Sponsors.

This is a non profit event. Fee registration amount is used to cover the cost of the organization. Once is covered, all will be used to increase the value of all Prizes buying more material by the organization.

This event is totally free for Macao ID/Passport Holders.

Macao Clarinet Asia Competition for Clarinet and Bass Clarinet event has a strict set of terms and rules by which juries must abide.


These include both general rules and voting procedures
that change in accordance with the various stages of the competition.

Read carefully before the registration because the Competition is not responsible of any kind of responsability of missunderstanding.

Candidate selection serves to decide the number of participants in the Final of the Competition, and is done by watching all video recordings
sent by the candidates through a private Youtube or Youku link. At least one member of the final Jury is in the preselection committee.

Except during the Final round, where everybody has the right to vote, the Jury abstains
from voting for candidates that have been their students on a regular basis within the past two civil years, or that will be so within the next
six months.

The President of the Jury votes in the same way as the other members. In the event of a draw, his vote counts double.

During the preselection and final rounds, Jury members evaluate candidates according to a
Yes, No, Maybe voting system, refined by a grade system, ranging from 1 to 9. A majority of Yes is determinant in order to be selected. The grades
serve only to break a tie among candidates.

Prizes are awarded within two phases: firstly, the Jury establishes a ranking of finalists. The finalist who is ranked first by a majority of Jury
members wins the competition.

All candidates in the Final are necessarily awarded.

The Competition reserves the right to publish the winning performances of each category. All first round videos will not be published on this website.