Clarinettists and Bass Clarinettists residing in Asia with Macao ID/ Passport are eligable to participate in all categories acording to the corresponding requirements.  This special category is without age limit.


Deadline for the submission of application materials is 15th of May, 2019.

Macao ID holders can participate in the competition for free if they are residing in Asia.

Watch the registration information.


The applicant will have to perform, in a Youtube unedited video, a programme of free choice and lasting no longer than 10 minutes. Studies or pieces for Clarinet Solo are admitted as well as original pieces or transcriptions for Clarinet and piano, also partial performances (one movement only), but not longer than the stipulated maximum time. The programme content should be included on the application form.

The result of this special award will be decided after the 1st round.



Applicants selected will decide if they want to play on 22nd of June in Garden House Oriental Foundation Macao at the begginig of the Final.